The JMS-50-MHSS is a complete dedusting system that features a 250 kW Centrifugal Exhaust Fan mounted on a single mobile base to create 50m3/s @ -3.5 kPa. The compact, integrated system provides space saving advantages and enhanced flexibility and mobility.

The patented JMS-50-MHSS is a hybrid machine with Volvo Penta Tier 4/5F diesel engine that runs self-propelled tracks and 1000V electric powered exhaust fan.

As the system is a large volume dedusting system, it be can be used for general ventilation as well as providing effective dust extraction at source.

Key Features

Single Air Intake – 1600mm diameter with flexible coupling to attach to tunnel can / ducting. Flexible coupling allows the system to be connected effectively on uneven surfaces.

Patented Drop Out Box – takes the majority of heavy-duty dust particles out of the air-stream as dirty air enters the dedusting unit. Shotcrete particles can also be removed via the drop out box and exit the machine via a separate discharge auger located at the front of the machine. This patented innovation extends the filter life and allows the machine to handle extreme dust loading.

High Efficiency Filters – 60 Grydale High Efficiency Filter Cartridges provide a filtration efficiency of 99.99% at 0.067micron and provides filtration of both dust and diesel particulates.

Pulse Cleaning – the onboard air supply is used to provide reverse pulse filter cleaning.

Hydraulic Reversible Slurry Augers and Rotary Valves – dust is discharged into a slurry auger by twin rotary valves and is turned into a wet slurry before being discharged to the site floor.

Real Time Emissions Monitoring – real time particulate detectors examine emissions coming out of the clean air exhaust and can be tuned to meet the requirements of any given site.

PLC – a proprietary touch screen dashboard display facilitates ease of operation.

CANbus system – enhances the speed, flexibility and reliability in communication.

Fan Silencer – the fan exhausts through a silencer to reduce noise pollution to <85dBA.

Centrifugal Fan and Variable Speed Drive – the JMS-50-MHSS uses a 250 kW Centrifugal fan, capable of pulling 50m3/s of air @ -3.5 kPa. Using the Variable Speed Drive (VSD) in conjunction with a Velocity Probe allows power consumption to be regulated to achieve the air volume programmed. When filters are new and dust loads are low this may reduce power consumption by up to 40%.

A focus on Safety

The JMS-50-MHSS has a range of features focused on maximising the health and safety of workers along with providing a safe working environment by controlling dust and fumes.

The JMS 50 M-Series

Where dust collection needs are relatively static Grydale also manufacture the JMS 50 M-Series – a mobile dedusting system with skid base. The skid can be moved by crane using the four lifting lugs or dragged using the four rigging mounts at each end of the machine. The JMS 50 M-Series is a 1000V electric powered unit with optional transformer to convert 1000V to 415V allowing componentry on the machine to run at a lower voltage.

The JMS-50-MHSS – A hybrid 50m3/s Dedusting System