30m3/s Mobile, Diesel, Track Dust Collector

JMS-30-MDT. Overview.

The JMS-30-MDT (Mobile, Diesel, Track) is a complete dust collection system mounted on a compact, track base. It features a centrifugal exhaust fan to create 30m³/s @ -3kPa.

JMS 30 M-Series Range.

JMS-30-MDT (Slimline) – Mobile, Diesel, Track dust collector
JMS-30-MDT – Mobile, Diesel, Track dust collector
JMS-30-MES – Mobile, Electric, Skid dust collector

Mobility. Track Mounted

Grydale hold the patent for manufacturing the only self propelled, mobile dust collection units on the market.

The JMS-30-MDT is mounted on a 12t track undercarriage to offer full mobility and better control with variable speeds between 2–4kph to increase the speed and efficiency of operations.

Power. Diesel

The JMS-30-MDT uses a T4F/5 Diesel Engine to power the hydraulic triple pump assembly driving the centrifugal exhaust fan, tracks, auger, rotary valve discharge system and screw compressor

Size. Key Dimensions.

  • Height: 3,790mm
  • Width: 3,310mm
  • Length: 8,500mm
  • Mass: 12t

JMS-30-MDT. Key Features.

Air Volume:

30m3/s (60,000 CFM)

Centrifugal Fan:



T4F/5 Diesel

Air Intakes:

1 x 1372mm plus 4 x 508mm Ø

Filtration System:

Filters: 32
Filter Surface Area: 864m2
Filtration Efficiency: 99.99% at 0.067 micron

Dust Discharge System:

Hydraulic Reversible Incline Auger
Auger Orientation: Front Facing

Control and Monitoring System:

10″ Touch Screen Display

Safety Features:

E-STOP plus Emergency Stop Lanyard System

JMS-30-MDT Mobile Diesel Track Dust Collector
JMS-30-MDT Mobile Diesel Track Dust Collector
JMS-30-MDT Mobile Diesel Track Dust Collector

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