Mine Shutdown Works Dust Control

Rental Units Available for Mining Shutdown Works

Grydale Rental Fleet. Short, Medium and Long-Term Dust Control Solutions.

Grydale design and manufacture a range of internationally patented mobile industrial dust collection equipment.

The JMS M-Series is an extensive range of mobile dust collectors with air volumes from 6m3/s (12,000 CFM) to 60m3/s (125,000 CFM) available for short, medium and long-term rental and purchase.

Why Hire from Grydale? Mobile Dust Collection Equipment.

  • Rental units offers an effective dust control and ventilation solution for temporary works, such as during mine shutdown works. Rental units can also be used to keep plants operational when fixed dust collection equipment is undergoing maintenance works (or while awaiting fixed plant equipment).
  • Grydale currently have one of the largest rental fleets of mobile dust collectors in the country.
  • Our onsite service and support team provide full operator familiarisation training to allow you to run units on site effectively.
  • Dry and Wet hire arrangements available.
  • We undertake scheduled and preventative servicing and maintenance of our equipment to ensure units arrive on site ready for work. This gives you the peace of mind that units have been fully serviced and maintained by the team who know our products best.

JMS M-Series. Mobile Dust Collector Configuration Options.

Mobile dust collectors are available with a range of air volumes, mobility and power options, to suit a wide range of industrial applications and site conditions.

Air Volume Options:

6m3/s (12,000 CFM)
10m3/s (20,000 CFM)
20m3/s (40,000 CFM)
30m3/s (60,000 CFM)
40m3/s (85,000 CFM)
50m3/s (105,000 CFM)
60m3/s (125,000 CFM)

Grydale manufacture the largest air volume mobile dust collector currently available on the market.

Power Options:

Electric (415V and 1000V)

Onboard Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) on Electric and Hybrid units or programable Variable Air Flow control on Diesel powered units offers significant power efficiencies and subsequent cost savings.

Mobility Options:

Drag Skid
Hydraulic Stepping Systems
Castor Wheel
Track Mounted

Internationally Patented – Grydale manufacture the only Track Mounted dust collector on the market.

All models offer a compact footprint to provide space saving advantages on site.

Why Grydale? Experts in Dust Control.

Our team has over 20 years experience designing dust control solutions and are able to advise on which units would be most suitable for your application and site conditions. Our onsite team can also determine the optimum set up of equipment to ensure dust and fumes are managed effectively.

Our Mobile Dust Collector Rental Fleet

Grydale Mobile Dust Collectors. 6m3/s (12,000 CFM) to 30m3/s (60,000 CFM)

Grydale JMS 10-M

JMS 6 M-Series
6m3/s (12,000 CFM) @ -2.5kPa

Units Available to Hire:

(Mobile, Electric, Castor Wheel)

Grydale JMS 10-M

JMS 10 M-Series
10m3/s (20,000 CFM) @ -3kPa

Units Available to Hire:

(Mobile, Electric, Skid)

(Mobile, Diesel, Track)

Grydale JMS 20-M

JMS 20 M-Series
20m3/s (40,000 CFM) @ -3kPa

Units Available to Hire:

(Mobile, Diesel, Track)

Grydale JMS 30-M

JMS 30 M-Series
30m3/s (60,000 CFM) @ -3kPa

Units Available to Hire:

(Mobile, Diesel, Track)

Large Volume Dust Collectors. 40m3/s (85,000 CFM) to 60m3/s (125,000 CFM)

Grydale JMS 40-M

JMS 40 M-Series
40m3/s (85,000 CFM) @ -3.5kPa

Units Available to Hire:

(Mobile, Hybrid, Stepping System)

(Mobile, Hybrid, Track)

(Mobile, Diesel, Track)

Grydale JMS 50-M

JMS 50 M-Series
50m3/s (105,000 CFM) @ -3.5kPa

Units Available to Hire:

(Mobile, Hybrid, Stepping System)

(Mobile, Hybrid, Track)

(Mobile, Diesel, Track)

Grydale JMS 60-M

JMS 60 M-Series
60m3/s @ -3.5kPa and -5kPa

Units Available to Hire:

(Mobile, Electric, Skid)

(Mobile, Hybrid, Stepping System)

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