Greenbank Sewer Rising Main Project

Grydale JMS-20-MDT – Mobile Dust Collection System

Client Diona on behalf of Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance
Application Dust Control for Trenching Works
Project Summary Trenching work to install 5.6km of Sewer Water Main Rising
Project Location Greenbank, Logan, QLD
Dust Collection Solution Grydale JMS-20-MDT
Rental Period Two Weeks

The Greenbank Sewer Rising Main project was undertaken by Diona in November 2019, for the Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance and involved the installation of 5.6 kilometres of sewer rising main pipeline. They hired a JMS-20-MDT (Diesel, Track) dust collector from Grydale Rental to manage the silica dust created as a result of trenching through sandstone. Any excavation works that involve sandstone, always post a significant dust and health issue for workers regardless of the excavation method utilised.

In this project the trencher removed the rock and the dust collection unit extracted dust and exhausted clean air back to the environment. Diona agreed that conventional methods of dust suppression can be effective but typically involve a lot of water which can cause additional problems and agreed that combining a dust collector with a trencher provided a much more effective solution and they were able to minimise the risks to workers and then to the greater community.

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