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In 2014 we recognised the potential for a mobile dust control unit to serve a wide range of industrial applications. Significant investment in research and development led to the creation of the JMS M-Series. These mobile dust collectors are empowered with proprietary technology that sets the units apart as pioneering dust collection solutions. Now, internationally patented, the Grydale JMS M-Series mobile dust collectors have quickly earned the reputation for being the most efficient dust collection units in the world and are transforming approaches to dust extraction processes and ventilation design.

Our fixed unit dust collectors offer a long term and cost-effective solution to dust and fume control and are designed to handle high-volume dust loads. Dust collectors consist of a centrifugal fan, dirty air intake, high efficiency filters, reverse pulse filter cleaning system, dust discharge system, clean air exhaust and fan silencer.

Our dust collectors have a modular design providing the flexibility to size the units in relation to the required air volumes. Units range from 6,000m3/hr to 400,000m3/hr. Dust collectors can be combined to provide greater air flow.

Using our expertise in dust control we have developed, and patented a dust control solution specifically for Skid Steer and Posi-Track Loader units. These units operate multi-functional and rotary broom attachments to provide effective dust control at the source, without the use of water.


Our fixed dust collectors are all designed by our in-house engineering team to meet specific applications and site conditions. A combination of airflow, air velocity, pressure, resistance and air-to-cloth ratios determines the appropriate size and ducting configuration suitable for each project.

Grydale’s mobile dust collectors key features make them leaders in efficiency and mobility in dust control solutions. Our JMS M-Series dust collectors offer flexible air intake options from 6m³/s to 60m³/s which means units can be matched exactly to your requirements

Using our expertise in dust control we have developed and patented a dust control solution for Skid Steer units operating multi-functional and rotary broom attachments to provide effective dust control at the source, without the use of water.

Grydale. Experts in Dust Control

Established in 2011, Grydale is an Australian Owned, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of a range of fixed and mobile industrial dust collectors. Our team has over 15 years’ experience designing and manufacturing industrial dust collectors. We focus on adding value through a total service offering, providing ventilation design, manufacture, implementation, ongoing project management and onsite maintenance and technical support.

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