JMS 30 M-Series

Mobile Dust Collector

JMS 30 M-Series (Slimline). Overview.

The JMS 30 M-Series are complete dust collection systems featuring a dirty air intake(s), filter house, clean air box, silencer, exhaust, dust discharge system and centrifugal fan mounted on a single manoeuvrable base to create 30m3/s (60,000 CFM) @ -3kPa.*

* Alternative centrifugal fans can be used to optimise air volume and pressure to suit site conditions and specific applications.

JMS 30 M-Series. Range Options.

JMS-30-MDT (Mobile, Diesel, Track)

JMS-30-MES (Mobile, Electric, Skid)

JMS-30-MHT (Mobile, Hybrid, Track)

Mobility Options. Tracks or Drag Skid.

The JMS 30 M-Series dust collectors are compact integrated systems mounted on a single compact mobile base which provides significant space saving on construction sites where space is limited. Units can be repositioned with limited downtime in construction works, as the complete unit can be moved easily using one of the two available options:

  1. Track Mounted Units – Track units offer full mobility with variable speeds between 2-4kph to increase the speed and efficiency of operations. The tracks are hydraulically driven by the diesel engine and operated via remote control allowing dust collection units to move and operate alongside dust generating machines, reducing the volume of air requiring treatment and improving the efficiency of entire site operations. Grydale hold international patents for manufacturing the only self propelled, mobile dust collector on the market.
  2. Drag Skid Mounted Units – skid mounted units can be lifted or dragged into position using the designated lifting lugs at each corner of the machine.

Power Options. Diesel or Electric.

The JMS-30-MDT (Mobile, Diesel, Track) and JMS-30-MDS (Mobile, Diesel, Skid) use a T4F/5 Diesel Engine to power the hydraulic pump driving the centrifugal exhaust fan, tracks, auger, rotary valve discharge system and screw compressor.

The JMS-30-MES (Mobile, Electric, Skid) use 380-480V to power the centrifugal exhaust fan, while hydraulics are used to power the auger and rotary valve discharge system.

JMS-30-MDT Mobile Diesel Track Dust Collector


30m3/s Mobile, Diesel, Track Dust Collector

JMS-30-MES Mobile Electric Skid Dust Collector


30m3/s Mobile, Electric, Skid Dust Collector

JMS-30-MHT Mobile Hybrid Track Dust Collector


30m3/s Mobile, Hybrid, Track Dust Collector

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