US Patent Granted

We are excited to announce US Patent # 10,898,845 B2 has been granted to our IP holding company (part of the Grydale Group Pty Ltd) for our mobile dust collection units.

The patent covers mobile dust extraction units that include:
– A filter housing having at least 1 air filter;
– An inlet housing fluidly connected to the filter housing;
– A fan assembly including a fan, a fan inlet & a fan outlet, the fan assembly fluidly connecting the filter housing to the fan outlet;
– A support frame for the filter housing, inlet housing & fan assembly;
– A drive mechanism for propelling the mobile dust extraction device (track mounted).

Our units have 4 key advantages:
1. Units can be easily transported & operational in a very short period of time with limited set up requirements.
2. The diesel motor powering the fan means there is no requirement for an external power supply, such as a mains connection or auxiliary power units.
3. Units can be easily relocated during operation (moving alongside dust generating equipment).
4. Units don’t require long, expensive ducting to be constructed/installed.

The patent is evidence of our commitment to innovation and supports our mission of becoming the leading manufacturer of mobile industrial dust collectors in the World.