Launching the latest patented solution from the engineering team at Grydale® – an onboard dust extraction system for Skid Steers.

Using our expertise in dust control we have developed and patented a micro dust extraction system for any Skid Steer units operating multi-functional and rotary broom attachments to provide effective dust control at the source, without the use of water.

The onboard dust extraction system consists of flexible and solid ducting which runs between the Negative Air Pressure Sweeper (NAPS) and the Dust Control Unit, mounted at the rear of the Skid Steer.

The Dust Control Unit features a twin-stage axial fan (powered by an electric or hydraulic motor), a fan diverter, patented dual SpinX separators to discharge heavy particles from the incoming air stream, floating filter frame, panel filter, and hopper with slide gate discharge. The support frame has been designed to fit any Skid Steer make and model, new or old.

Skid Steers are often used on infrastructure projects both above and below ground and potentially generate hazardous silica dust from the ground that poses a risk to construction workers. This latest product development further demonstrates our commitment to engineering excellence and product innovation.

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Launching Onboard Skid Steer Dust Extraction System